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Chocolate con Churros

I know. Two magical words. Chocolate and churros! I knew I would relate to a culture that decided chocolate and churros is a perfect breakfast. So, even though I am in the midst of a weight loss quest, I had to try this delectable treat.

What surprised me was how rich the Spanish (or Catalonian) version would be! It was very rich, very thick - not quite spreadable with a knife, but pretty close. I love chocolate but there was no way I could drink a large cup full -- it really should be served in an espresso demitasse cup. Although, that might make it more difficult to dip a churro.

I didn't waste any time finding this treat which it was on many menus so I didn't have to look too far. While chocolate con churros is a breakfast item, you can find it throughout the day at cafes. I first tried it at Sweet Terraza cafe behind the Maremagnum shopping mall in Port Vell as an afternoon snack.

The next time, I had chocolate sin (without) churros at the cafe at the Museum de la Xocolata. If you are in the Gothic quarter, walk through the museum and stop for a bite to eat at the cafe. The museum is free to those with a Barcelona Card (see my previous post for information). To give you a sense of the richness of the chocolate, here's a short video:

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